Bleckley County, named for Georgia Supreme Court Justice Logan E. Bleckley, was the 145th county formed in Georgia. Created in 1912, Bleckley County was originally part of Pulaski County.

Nestled in beautiful Middle Georgia, Bleckley County has one municipality. Cochran, the county seat, was established on March 19, 1869. Once known as Dykesboro, Cochran was settled by B. B. Dykes, who owned the site on which the town is built. The earliest settlers located here to engage in the turpentine industry.

The city of Cochran was named for Judge Arthur E. Cochran who was influential in the development of the county. Judge Cochran was largely instrumental in developing this section of Georgia through his work as President of the Macon & Brunswick Railroad, now the Southern Railroad.

Cochran is the home of Middle Georgia College, a member of the University System of Georgia. The institute has been recognized as the oldest two-year college in America. The 1870s Pace House, home of the first president of the college, now houses The Middle Georgia College Museum. It is said to be the oldest home in Cochran.

We take pride in the children of our community. Cochran is a wonderful place to raise a family not only because we are a caring town, but our schools are award winning! Our school system is one of the best in the state of Georgia. Take the time to browse the website and see for yourself why Bleckley County Schools are a great place to learn!

Dublin and Laurens County is a Green and Growing environment and an excellent place to live, work and play for you and your family. This community offers a vast array of services including quality education, health care, and local government services. For more information, please click on the link below.